Thursday, May 29, 2014

Final Blog Post

Dear Blog Readers,

In this portfolio I have learned so much by doing this blogger assignment. It made me a better typer and also a better writer.  Also I learned about all the different writing styles there were out there and there were some that interested me and some that did not but that’s life.  My topic that I chose was fire technology. The reason I chose this is because I know a lot about firefighting and my partner that I did this assignment with knew a lot about technology so we put them together and chose fire technology.

I have chosen this Book Review #1 as one of my top blogger assignments. The reason I have chosen this book review is because I personally have read this book many times and I feel it is a great book to read, and it is also based on the true life of a firefighter. This book gives great detail about interior firefighting and how the firefighters risk their life’s everyday anytime a house catches on fire. I feel that this book will give you a great overview of the fire service and what is required to be in the fire service. This book helped me choose my career as a firefighter. It also gives you any information that you might possibly need to be a firefighter.

The second piece of writing that I chose was the Interior Fire Attack. I choose this topic for my SSR writing topic which stands for self-selected response. I choose this one because I know a lot about interior firefighting and it’s my career. Also it is something that I enjoy researching and learning more about. This writing has given me the opportunity to increase my learning and do more research on such a valuable topic. This post is my one of my favorite post. When I was typing this I felt like it was real life and this had actually happened and I was just writing a true story and showing my true knowledge. Also this post is full of words the people don’t understand because it’s in firefighter wording is what people call it and can be hard to understand.

I feel like this blog assignment was a very valuable assignment and it teaches you a lot of different things all at once. I hope in the future other students get the opportunity to do this assignment because I feel like it prepares you for the real world. I also feel that this assignment will teach you numerous different types of writing and you learn all about them. I would appreciate any feedback from anybody about my blog with what you liked or what you did not like about it. Also any thing else questions or comments will be very  appreciated. Thanks for reading my blog! TM

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