Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blog Review

Dear Blog Readers,
I have written many types of writings for my blog. It has ranged from poetry to passion blogs. I always tried to share my opinion without sounding too factual or dry, and including other peoples opinion in the case of a book review.
The first blog post I am choosing to do is Yosemite Fire because this was one of my first blog posts and it caused me to find more facts than my opinion of the incident. I had to research the topic and find more information than was initially told by many sites. Since many sites were getting information from the same source, I was forced to find other resources that came from different sources. I had to find a balance between my emotions towards this subject and a dry factual standpoint. I wasn't very comfortable with my writing on this because I was starting to get the feel for writing a blog and I had other things that were more important.

The second blog post I’m choosing to do is my poem, called Firefighting Poetry. This poem is about firefighting pros and cons as well as a few rhymes here and there with other ones not as Dr. Seuss like, but just as good. I enjoyed writing this post more because all you really had to do was rhyme and say things that firefighters have going for them, both bad and good. This was enjoyable actually because it was so whimsical and fun to think of. Out of all the writing styles we did, poetry was one of my favorites. 

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