Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Review #1

This book contains lots of valuable information of brave firefighters fighting a blaze inside of a burning building. This book is also very educational and is a great way to learn about firefighting. Also this book has some tragic events in it about firefighters dyeing in the line of duty and not returning home. This book also provides information about the topic and it will give you a great understanding what firefighting is all about.

This book is probably most valuable to people who want to join or be a part of a fire agency. Also this book will give you a great overview of firefighting and what is required for either a volunteer firefighter or a paid firefighter. This book is good for young people coming straight out of high school and wanting a career in firefighting.

Finally this is one of my favorite books about firefighting. This book helped me learn all about my career and all the knowledge that I will need to get started so I know what I’m looking forward to. Also I would recommend this book to anybody interested in the fire service who wants to learn a lot more about firefighting.


  1. this sounds like an interesting book i might just reed it because i used to be into firefighting IH

  2. it has very good information and i recomend you read it TM